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We guarantee a 120% inspiration and motivation… Actually our readers guarantees so!!! Read on to hear what they have got to say:

Dear sis, you are doing a great job!”

” After reading your book, the after-effect feeling I had was like nothing in life is difficult or impossible to do. It is us, us and us only. It is our perception on the things around us and it leads to what we are now…. Your life experiences, love for your mum, love for nature and the confidence you have in yourself, aptly relates and connects the message you are trying to tell your readers. It is a wake up call and it makes me think what I have achieved so far and why I have been thinking in a certain way all this while. There are more feelings other than this which I can’t describe in words. The feeling is beautiful.”

In summary, after reading your book it gives me confidence that to be a multi-millionaire in this world and a billionaire in the Hereafter is not something that is beyond our reach anymore! It is ACHIEVABLE. ”
- Nafisah Kassim



“Dear sis, Well done. I have finished reading your book. It motivates me and also it is good for people like me whom always worried about failures and don’t know how to start. I am very proud to be your student. So much of hassle you went through. It is true we should not wait for something to happen to be awakened. Love u sis. Can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug. May Allah bless you as always. Ameen.” – Faathimah


Hi Sis, I just completed reading your book. I have no words to describe the after feeling and the effect it gives me. It is simply marvellous. Message put across very aptly with life examples! I am so proud of you sis! Looking forward for more such books from you and may your success reach greater heights. Ameen.” – Hayati Eusofe


Awesome book with amazing formula to success. Once you start reading, you cannot stop. I’m loving every single words written. So powerful that I got mesmerized by it”. – Siti Humairah

logga-png-swirl-up“Assalamualaikum sis, I took a few hours to complete reading your book. I kept returning to certain quotes and pages. The ones that hit home was the Fears list and the self-check or rather self-assessment questionnaire. I confess I’m not all that ambitious, but as I read on, I realised I could apply these same practices to just about anything or area in my life. It is in essence generic and because of that, I find myself digging deeper to figure out what I can contribute back to society. I loved reading your life experiences and the lengths you went to seek knowledge. So very inspiring. I’m learning loads from you, from your stories, your infectious positive energy and being patient with others. I’m so glad to have met you & looking forward to your next book insyallah.”

- Shazmeen

logga-png-swirl-upDiscover the 5 secret formula to Success. It is fun, easy and require for you to be a little crazy to go against the odds and do what your heart say is right and best for you. One key ingredient: ‘Think with your heart and Act with your head’.Available books.



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Have fun. Lots of love & light.

Zai Miztiq

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