Strength Coaching

your strengths and facilitate you to manage your lesser talents.

Everyone is a star.

The Universe is well-grounded filled with amazing stars. Focus on what is right and what works best.

‘Unleashing the Star in You’: If you Dream it, you can Achieve it.

As a strengths coach, I will help you to:


  • Understand your talents and how to use them to produce results and reach your goals.
  • Overcome obstacles, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Educate you how to use your strengths to transform your relationships.
  • Understand your unique strengths within the context of others.


  • Provide team managers with techniques for using strengths-based development to address specific team-related issues and challenges.
  • Teams to discover, develop and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity.

When teams are able to use a common language of strengths, it immediately changes their conversations. It creates a more positive dialogue, and it boosts the team’s overall engagement and performance levels.

This coaching is a powerful tool suitable for every single individual at a personal, pairing and corporate level. It is a universal solution that helps you to filter your world and others. It is incumbent for each individual to operate as a team and to live as one for the sake of the One.


Here are some testimonies of what our clients have to say:

“Dear Zai, thank you very much for the strengths coaching. It was a great session. You are indeed right. Bodily I have left my company, but deep within I am still moulded in the organizations culture. That is why I am unable to break free and move on to find my purpose of being. Thank You very much. You nail it on the heart literally. I will do PEW (Positive Excuse Whatever) every time!” – Casey Ong



“Dear Zai, such a pleasure and rewarding experience to have you coach me. It’s been my privilege to get to know you & I’m touched by your caring & warm nature (Empathy & Developer!)  You have such lovely words of wisdom and I think walking the journey with you will indeed make it a beautiful one :)

You’re a winner in many ways and I’m sure you’ll achieve all that you set out to accomplish. The world needs more people like you. Look forward to catching up with you for the follow up coaching. In the meanwhile, do take good care of yourself & stay safe.” – Carol Sim


What was your “story”? And who are you NOW?

Your version 2.0. is what that matters!


“Your past was gone 2 hours ago” – a powerful switching mantra I worked on with my client to find and refine her life philosophy. Within an hour of strengths coaching she was able to define her innate strengths, discovered matters that did not matter anymore, learn to get past her past, forgive her self and move on from a victim to victorious mind set.

p.s. Fyi, she was thinking to check in to a mental hospital a few hours before we met because she felt that she lost it!

I love my work. And I love all you precious people.


Zai miztiq

‘Celebrating Hearts, Creating Happiness’


What does science of strengths finding means to me?

It facilitates one to deal and clear out the outer struggle as much as possible. And at the same time it assists the seeker to find solace within the self and arrive to inner peace.

– zai miztiq


Are you ready to discover your strengths? A one-to-one strengths coaching can cost up to $3000. As a give back to the community and for all the love and success we have tasted, we want you to experience and learn about your strength.


“The moment I did my strengths test and received my strengths results, it helped me better define my goals. My life journey moved on from Good to Great. I finally understood why I behaved and reacted in ways different from others. I finally understood my mom and family much better. Instead of conflicts, I began to appreciate them.”


“I almost immediately learnt how to leverage on my strengths and manage my weakness. It was one of the best discoveries of my life to get to know MYSELF. Finally I understood why I have so many million-dollar making ideas but have yet to make my millions.”



This is a gift. The best gift you can present to yourself or a loved one.



There are a limited number of time slots I allocate each week to helping people like yourself get clarity. This call is not to sell to you… there’s clearly not enough time. The outcome of this call is to see if we can work together. I know this program so well. It’s not suited to everyone. If you an action taker, click the button below to check the availability.

I look forward to learning about your situation. If you have any questions you’re itching to ask then just send me a quick personal email and I’ll reply:


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