Passion to Profits training program: Quarterly starting September 2015.

Discover your Passion, strengths & skills and learn how to monetize it!

2.5-days Passion to Profits training program (2 full days accelerated learning + Strengths Finding test with Top 5 talents results + 3 sessions of strengths coaching worth up to $600) Early bird special book by xxx: $997. (Usual $1500). Register today to enjoy the special rate! (TBC)


What you will learn:

Course Outline

’TURN YOUR PASSION TO PROFITS’ (2 days training program) includes:

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  • Who are you?
  • What you stand for?


  • Power of Intention
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Recognizing your talents
  • Aiming your intended aspiration



  • Claiming the innate strength

Take Action:

Heal others:

  1. Branding and marketing coaching

– 3Cs of marketing

– Facebook marketing

– Customer service excellence

– Branding strategy

– Email Marketing

– Google Docs and Survey Forms

– Effective Website Creation

– Power of Blogging

  1. Financial Goals and Sales Target

– How to sell without selling

– How to make your first million sales


Who it is for:

Change to bullet form.


Why you should join us:

Did you know that every single being have the freedom to experience the joy and drama of life. What is this life without drama? What is this life without dreamation? But what good is the dreamation if we intentionally, refuse to take action. Living life to the fullest has always been my number one top priority. I love spontaneity. I love coming up with something brand new. I love the gladness, sadness and madness of humanity.

The key to living life is to make the visceral explicit. Due to my high on ideation and positivity I am unaffected by the ambiguity and risk of innovation. In almost every situation, I will think outside the box to help me achieve what others think impossible. An example would be, when I was 20 years of age and newly graduated from college, I decided to leave Singapore to go demonstrate Henna Art is the streets of Japan, as a busking artist. Only to realize it was bitter winter cold – when I arrived there. And what was the next call for action? Did I take the next flight and flee back to my warm sunny nation or did I stay?

The objective of ‘Turn Your Passion to Profits’ training program is to share with all of you, especially aspiring entrepreneurs, young and old – those who are in need of contagious energy and enthusiasm. Those who really want to make a difference in their life and willing to follow the lead of change. Those who are looking for a new and fresh perspective. Those who are seeking an appreciation of the mystery and wonder of life and all creation. Click here to register now.

Passion2profit program

” It is not what you are, but who you aspire to be “

Zai running a ‘Turn Your Passion to Profit’ training program to
a group of adult learners

I live by a few rules. I always see the glass half full, not half empty. Like a river, go with the flow. Ideas to me are like creativity to an artist. If we have a blank canvas, or empty page, or a hump of clay, the choice is in your hands and the sky is the limit – indeed, if we believe in the Power of God- His Abundance is Limitless. Our job is to do our best, and He will do the rest.

A few years ago, I broke my spine, but it did not break my spirit. Life rolls on and I am moving forward to empower, educate and enrich one and all. If you are alive and want to be happy in this lifetime, enjoy the read from my first book, ‘Turn Your Passion to Profits’. Do what you love and love what you do! What I wish I was taught at 17!!!

We guarantee a 120% inspiration and motivation to take action… Actually our reader guarantees so!!! Read on to hear what they have got to say:



“If you need reminding that you shouldn’t judge a book by its size then you need to read Zai Miztiq’s ‘Turn your Passion to Profit$$$’. I had the pleasure of meeting Zai in the summer of 2014 and like her book you would be mistaken to think that this petite, quiet looking woman is just your average passive Muslim woman.


The book like the woman herself is a powerful, rollercoaster of energy, contemplation, passion and motivation. While the book is marketed as a framework for making your ‘passion into profit’ I can’t decide whether that is what it is saying to me or something altogether more profound. In the introduction we hear of the challenges faced by Zai in her childhood and in the tragic accident that could have left her paralyzed – from this we get a snapshot of what is to come later in the book itself.


Experience is the root of this book – Zai starting point is the ups and downs of life and the intensive contemplation and introspection that come with it. Critical to overcoming obstacles and to making a success of your life is seen by Zai as the point when you decide whether or not you want to remain a victim or of accepting your present circumstances as a springboard to shape your future – everything in life is seen by Zai as an opportunity rather than a condemnation.


In fact the most refreshing aspect of this book is that it is unashamedly pushing the reader to be positive, creative and to seek for Divine purpose – something perhaps not an easy thing to do in Muslim communities where lack of self-confidence, fear of censure and condemnation has become a norm. Zai gives a range of techniques to unlock your potential and how to focus it on creative business ventures. But what is particularly poignant is the connection that she makes to making money and charitable actions.

The book is not ashamed of making money but motivates the reader to get the ground rules right first. Then the next step as if it is the natural flip side to making money is the need to give back in charitable actions. Sometimes as Muslims it is easy to forget that the social institutions that we so desperately need require us to be able to create wealth in the first place. This wealth can be created by us ourselves and not just the billionaire businesses men who we go cap in hand to.


The focus of this book is definitely how to make a successful business but I would say that if you are feeling particularly negative in your life then read this book to give yourself the kick-start that you need to find purpose and meaning. Making a ‘profit’ in your life can be both financial and social – it’s time to see the cup as half full!”


Humera Khan

Trustee and Founding Member

An-Nisa Society & Faith and Khidmah Campaign

United Kingdom

We all have to believe that we are honoured and entitled the freedom to explore possibilities without restraints or limits. The only limit that we have is our self-sabotaging mindset and attitude which needs a lot of fine tuning and grinding to reach a state where we understand that everyone have the freedom to laugh, cry and vent. However, we have to be grateful that we have the power and ability to react to present pressures that demand immediate response. This is the Way of Life. What goes up must come down. What lives, dies.

We are experiencing the experience of circles of life and threads of continuity. We have been created for a purpose. We are brought to Earth to be part of something bigger than the self: a family, a team, an organization, a global community, a Cosmos.

By now, you should be incredibly aware of the borderless and timeless human connectivity. It is time now for you to react with immediacy to the immediate. It is now or never! We are never Forever. It is time now for you to take massive actions to gain massive results. The question is, “Where do I begin? How do I get there? I do not know what I want to do!”

“Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said,

“Seek knowledge even in China.”


I have learnt through 14-years of hard-knocks and heart-warming moments. I have acquired many new strategies and system to go about running a lucrative business. I have learnt that the biggest challenge in life is to get up and kick-start on your passion, your strength, your God-given talent – some of us know what it is. For some, it is still a hidden talent awaiting to be unlocked. And I am here to do just that. To uncover your potential and share with you 5 Secret Formulas to Turn Your Passion to Profits. The formula of truth that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation and on a journey to becoming the next self-made millionaire.


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