Henna HeArt Therapy (Art therapy through Henna)

What is Art therapy?

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s ‘wholistic’ well-being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness of self and others.

Art therapy, sometimes called creative arts therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art materials, such as paints, chalk and markers. Art therapy combines traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process, especially the affective properties of the different art materials.

Photo of Henna leave

What is ‘Henna’?

Henna is a flowering plant that is commonly found in the semi-arid, tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. The henna plant (Lawsonia inermis) is the only species of the genus Lawsonia, and belongs to the family Lythraceae. Henna leaves contain a red dye molecule called lawsone, which can bond with protein. Hence, the dye from this plant has been used through the centuries, to color the skin, hair and nails; and fabrics like, silk and wool. The word ‘henna’ denotes the dried leaf powder, or the plant itself. It has been observed that, the tender leaves in the top shoots have the strongest dye. These leaves are dried and powdered to form the highest grade henna.
Why we use Henna?

Henna is known as a traditional Ayurveda medicine. It is an ancient herb of grace and healing

Umme Salma (may The Almighty be pleased with her) narrated: “In the life of Prophet Muhammed (may peace and blessing be upon him), no injury or thorn piercing was treated on which Henna was not applied.” (Tirmizi, Sanad-e-Ahmed)

“Whenever somebody came to Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessing be upon him) with complaints of headache, he directed him to undergo cupping and whosoever complained of pain in legs, was advised to apply Henna.” (Bukhari, Abu Dawood)

Wasila (may The Almighty be pleased with him) narrated that Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessing be upon him) said “Use Henna, it makes your head lustrous, cleanses your hearts, increases the sexual vigour and will be witness in your graves”


Black n white photo of zai drawing henna

Explore the beauty of henna art as an opportunity to express yourself imaginatively, authentically, and spontaneously. An experience that over time will lead you to personal fulfilment and healing therapy.

And no, you do not need to know how to draw at all.

You don’t need to be talented or an artist to receive the benefits. We will work with you to dive into the underlying messages communicated through your art, which will aid in the healing process.

Photos of kids and adults learning henna

Who Can Use Art Therapy?

For the most part, anyone can use art therapy. In a world where there is a multitude of ways to communicate and express one’s self, expressive arts therapy is yet another. One of the major differences between art therapy and other forms of communication is that most other forms of communication elicit the use of words or language as a means of communication. Often times, humans are incapable of expressing themselves within this limited range.

~ ~ ~

Our trainer’s goal: We will discover what underlying thoughts and feelings are being communicated by you through henna art. We aspire for you to not only gain a life-skill, but for you to develop a better understanding of yourself and the way you relate to the people around you.


This is what one of our students wrote to us:

“Dear Zai, through the 2 hour workshop, you were able to spot that I am a very panicky person. Thank you for pin-pointing that fact and teach me to stay calm and take deep breathes at every moment of anxiety. It has been very useful since then.” – “HFWH participant, Zuhaidah”



Miztiq henna aspires to inspire people and spread the beauty of henna art to as many people from around the world. This is what some of our students say:

“Having newly shifted to Shanghai, I thought it will be good if I had a skill that I could pass time with and at the same time make friends and a part-time income. There is many opportunities with the skill of henna and it truly is an income-generating skills. Thanks zai”.    — Selvi, Shanghai


“Dear Zai, I was hesitant to join your Professional Course as I thought I am a bad artist and I will never be able to draw in my lifetime. But your guidance and teaching proved me wrong. You really motivate me and build my confidence. I am very happy and satisfied that I found a good trainer. Thanks once again”.  — Fumi, Tokyo FM Director, Japan


“Having a chiropractic clinic in Tokyo is competitive as we have many similar clinics especially in Shibuya area. To make a difference to my clinic, I learnt henna art to add a new service for my clients. They are now happier to see me for treatment because after that, I will apply a beautiful henna design as a gift for them. I am pleased to have learnt henna from Miztiq. You guys are really fun and helpful people” — Nozu, Japan


“I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to learn henna. The workshop was great and your teaching was straight forward, easy for me to learn. I was excited and a bit nervous at first but it was the passion for henna and for helping my family financially that make me go for it. Now I will pursue the professional course. With the professional guidance from Miztiq, I will go through this with lots of passion and patience. Thank you.” — Hanis, Singapore


At Miztiq, we aim to make you realize your full potential – that you, and anyone, CAN draw and experience the beauty of Henna Art at a heart level!

Yours truly,

Zai Miztiq


Henna Art Therapy Cake







‘Get Creative & Innovative with Miztiq Henna Art’ training programs.

At Miztiq, we nurture & groom you to Think Out of the Box!

Based on your competency level, we have carefully drawn a potential career pathway for those who come on board our workshops & trainings:

Trainee > Junior Artist > Senior Artist > Assistant Trainer > Trainer or Project Manager

What you will learn:

Absolutely! For Beginners & Refreshers. This workshop will benefit you and your employees be it for fun or as a life-skill that you can take to any part of the world and it is an amazing ice-breaker for events & parties.

Workshop outline:

—► What is henna made of and why does it have healing properties?

—► How do you handle a henna cone and what are the basic must-know steps

—► How can a person benefit from learning henna, be it for leisure or for income

—► Henna art, not just a life-skill, it can change your lifestyle. Be engaged in our travel stories through our henna artworks.

—► Learn from us the secrets of running a commercial hobby.

Register today!

‘Have Fun with Henna HeArt’ training program:

2 x 2 hours : $97/ pax

15 hours Intensive: $397/ pax (12 hours intensive training + 3 hours on-the-job training)

*We provide for a ‘Have Fun with Henna’ 2-hours Fun workshop.

*Recommended for corporate training and school post examination or cultural activities. Do write to us to request for group and corporate rates.


“Changi Airport Harold testimony” and photo



Write to us to enquire about upcoming workshop dates. We do personalized classes, write to us your preferred dates and timing for us to set a ‘Henna date’. Contact us today.



Henna Art Trainer Profile

Zai Miztiq is the founder & trainer of Miztiq Henna & Body Art since 2001. She is a certified trainer with People’s Association Singapore and had acquired a license to demonstrate henna art outdoor from National Arts Council Singapore. Previously, she was demonstrating and teaching Henna Art in Japan, mostly in Tokyo, Nagoya and once had an invitation to Osaka during her stay in Japan for 6 months.

Photo in Japan

In Japan she was featured in the AMI Magazine, a multi-cultural magazine from Tokyo, was interviewed by several radio stations, mainly Tokyo FM, Zip FM in Nagoya and a radio station in Kyushu. Upon her return to Singapore, Zai was featured on Berita Harian, as a young Singapore talent who ventured to Japan to spread a cultural art. That drew attention of Mediacorp and she was interviewed by Selamat Pagi SIngapura, a Sunday morning program on Suria channel and was interviewed by several radio stations. On okto channel, she was featured for henna art interviewed by George Young.

Photo with George Young

She became a celebrity henna artist in Singapore and was the first henna artist to set up a company registered with ACRA. After which, she had several artist working with her, in Singapore and Japan while she remained the senior artist focused on grooming new talents. Collectively they served many huge corporations and SMEs for corporate events foyer activities with henna art, and branched out to do body art, like glitter tattoo, airbrush tattoo, nail art and other hand painting art-related service. She was invited to do henna art for a KFC advertisement where she adorned the model with a full and intricate henna art design which posters were featured all over Singapore, mostly on the SMRT and shopping malls.

Photo KFC ad


She and her team were invited to the Istana to demonstrate henna art on several occasions, for the Chinese New Year Garden Party. At such events, she was given the opportunity to share what is henna art to the ministers of parliament and also to our present Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong.

Photo with PM

When she newly discovered her hidden talent to draw henna art she made intention to spread the Art. Today her aim is to empower people with a life skill, and spread the message of ‘How to Turn Your Passion to Profits!!!’ She recently published her first book and added in it how her journey of Henna Art as a hobby craft turned to be a sustainable income-generating tool, which enables her to empower others with a skill, and also through the art, help many realize their personality and hidden talent. She envisions leading a Trainer’s Team as a Principal Trainer. She is enthusiastic about developing young leaders and trainers to their best potential through workshops and seminars.

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