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Zai discovered through a strengths coaching test that her signature themes are empathy, connectedness, ideation adaptability and positivity.

As an author and motivational speaker, she is competent and committed to share with you her life experiences and entrepreneurial and travel journey. She wrote a book and developed a training program, an innovative learning platform to inspire and motivate you to discover your true innate nature and passion. She gives people optimism and motivation to take action and then to heal others.

These are the list of personal development, one-to-one coaching and group training programs available:

  1. Book
  2. Speaking Engagement
  3. Strength Coaching
  4. HeArt Therapy Through Henna Art
  5. Passion to Profits Training Program



Book photo – outer and inner cover.

“If you need reminding that you shouldn’t judge a book by its size then you need to read Zai Miztiq’s ‘Turn your Passion to Profit$$$’. I had the pleasure of meeting Zai in the summer of 2014 and like her book you would be mistaken to think that this petite, quiet looking woman is just your average passive Muslim woman.

The book like the woman herself is a powerful, rollercoaster of energy, contemplation, passion and motivation. While the book is marketed as a framework for making your ‘passion into profit’ I can’t decide whether that is what it is saying to me or something altogether more profound. In the introduction we hear of the challenges faced by Zai in her childhood and in the tragic accident that could have left her paralyzed –

from this we get a snapshot of what is to come later in the book itself.

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Speaking engagements

Photo speaking at xx

Being a school leader partaking several leadership roles, I have been speaking since with a myriad of past engagements that include universities, colleges, governmental agencies, professional and non-profit organizations, executive retreats, conferences, conventions, public and private schools. Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your prestigious event.

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Strengths coaching

Poster – You are stronger than you think you are

The Universe is well-grounded filled with amazing stars. Focus on what is right and what works best. People waste too much time on weakness fixing. We unleash your strengths and coach you to focus on your strengths and facilitate you to manage your lesser talents. Everyone is a star.

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Henna HeArt Therapy (Art therapy through Henna)

My photo teaching henna art


What is Art therapy?

Explore the natural beauty of henna art as an opportunity to express yourself imaginatively, authentically, and spontaneously. An experience that over time will lead you to personal fulfilment and healing therapy.

And no, you do not need to know how to draw at all.

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Passion to profits training program

Photo Gallup group

The objective of this training program is to share with all of you, especially aspiring entrepreneurs, young and old – those who are in need of contagious energy and enthusiasm. Those who really want to make a difference in their life and willing to follow the lead of change. Those who are looking for a new and fresh perspective. Those who are seeking an appreciation of the mystery and wonder of life and all creation.

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