Life is such an unpredictable gift. One moment all is good, another moment magic or miracle occurs. Whichever way, life rolls on and we move forward to see what we can do better. At the beginning of 2014, I was feeling super lost. There was something I felt amiss. And I could not figure out what. There were mornings I wish I did not wake up from sleep…. Like a bugging voice that whispers to me… “Oh, dun you wish you were dead!”

Little voices are common. Everyone goes through this. But how we bounce back matters. One of the best techniques is to give thanks. An attitude of gratitude daily is the key ingredient to getting rid of that little ghost whisperer!

Here is 7 things I have to give thanks for 2014.

1. Returned to Singapore in January 2014 from a 2 years of ARABIC Learning Journey Adventure

I travelled to Jordan, followed by a short trip back to Singapore.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA petra jordan horse


Then I travelled to Europe, and landed in Morocco for 6 months.

IMG_2500147741797IMG_2356366084924 IMG_101017026531094


Then travel and lived in Tarim, Yemen, better known as ‘Heaven on Earth’.


2. Took my wheel-chair dependent mom on a trip to THE MALDIVES single-handedly


3. Taught Arabic Conversation at Singapore Management University

smu gang

From zero-Arabic level to teaching Arabic in a Uni. <3 <3 <3


4. Wrote & self-published my first book ‘TURN YOUR PASSION TO PROFIT$$$’

first book cover


5. Received A.W.E.S.O.M.E. reviews and power testimonials. We were sold-out in less than one month of release.



6. Went back to  school to attain an ‘ADVANCE CERTIFICATION IN TRAINING & ASSESSMENT’ and am looking forward to be a Certified Strengths Coach very, very soon.

zai training

7. Developed the idea and am working closely with my website genius, to build – all our works are based on 3 principles and we aim to Empower, Educate & Enrich one and all.

archery Focus, focus, focus…. The new mantra of 2015.


Do share with us your highlights of 2014. It could even be a break-up, a blessing in disguise. The wisdom is huge if you realize it. Pen it down. Keep giving thanks for anything good or hurt you go through and trust His works and judgement. For indeed, we do not know what He does. We do our best and let God do the rest.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2015 to serve greatly and praying for many more great moments, and twist and turns to come.


Love & Light,

Zai miztiQ

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