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With her passion for henna art, in 2001, Zai set up Miztiq Henna & Body Art aiming to teach the art of henna and servicing customers with henna decorations for any occasion. The venture was not just a money-making deal, it was a first love! She tried undertaking other businesses along the way but figured out that henna art was her forte. She could be a jack-of-all-trades but master of one!

After three years of hard work, her endeavour was at its peak. She was invited to teach henna art in Japan and was featured in Japanese magazines throughout the country.

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Living in the ‘land of the rising sun’ for half a year, Zai returned home, welcomed by numerous media interviews – they evidently heard about her henna story in Japan. She invited her Japanese students to visit Singapore to do a henna art demonstration. As a result, overwhelming publicity boosted her brand, Miztiq.









Henna in Japan with Mikio FunadaBusiness was so successful that Zai even received bookings for bridal henna art two years in advance. Customers were delighted and satisfied engaging her excellent work-of-art service. Concurrent to running her booming venture, she sought out other business opportunities to invest on. Unforeseen by her, who was somewhat swayed by the fortune she made, a most tragic accident awaited, making her whole world stand still!


It was 22nd April 2005, at about 4.44 p.m. – A warm and sunny afternoon, Zai was in a taxi heading home, hungry and devastated unsatisfied that life was so unsettled, wishing for more, forgetting that she had a happy family, great friends and a successful business. What an ‘issue’! Eight minutes away from home, suddenly, within a split second… “Bang!” Her vehicle ramped into the back of a huge, black, army trailer. She could not save herself. She tried reaching the taxi door but she could barely move. In extreme pain, she reached for her cell phone which fell out of her handbag. The effort was to no avail, she could not bend over to get it. At that instant, she thought, “Is this it? Was she going to die? It cannot be. She has not done much. Her mother still needs her. She was not prepared to die!”


Before long, still semi-conscious, holding on to her helpless self, she was dragged out of the taxi by three strong men, laid on the stretcher and carried to an ambulance. By then, she had completely surrendered – no attempt to verify what had just happened or where she was brought to.


Being put through numerous medical observations, X-rays and CT scans, Zai had to submit to an immediate surgery. In total excruciating pain, she advised the medical team to proceed with the operation.

Only later she found out that despite going through all the surgical procedure, she had to accept a dreadful fact that she could be paralyzed all her life – 95% was the likelihood that she would become a slumbering, couch potato! What a life!


After the surgery, she was on self-controlled morphine. She had to ‘click’ for a dose of transfused painkiller to reduce the pain each time she wanted to move. How freely she moved around without giving thanks when she was healthy!

A report by a medical specialist stated: “Zai had experienced a fractured dislocation on her T12/L1. Her other injuries were right 6th rib fracture and left foot 5th metatarsal fracture. A posterior instrumentation and fusion T11 to L3 was done.” In other words, she had 2 metal rods fixed on her spine and eight metal screws ‘drilled’ into her bones. “The other injuries were managed conservatively. Currently and for the rest of her life, she will have a low back pain, which will be worsened on prolonged sitting. She suffered a very serious injury of the spine. She is fortunate to escape with no gross paralysis. However she will be left with chronic disabling pain.”



By right, she should be pleased that her life was spared. However, honestly, at that time she had no clue whether to feel joyous or miserable.


For one whole year, Zai dreadfully lived her life with no direction. She had the victim-mindset as she recollected those moments. She took almost one year to recuperate and get back on her feet again. She knew she was meant for greater things and setbacks like these should not stop her from fulfilling her dreams.

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“It is up to you to be a victim or victorious. You may have a physical disability but you are still gifted with a sound mind and a strong, loving heart to take action. Give thanks for life, help yourself and move on to help others.”


An event is just an event. Feedbacks or setbacks are not equal to failure. Life rolls on and life is too beautiful and has a lot to offer. A setback is a gear change, a brake to take a break from the norm, from the routine. A moment to stop and smell the roses. A moment to take flight and with an eagle’s view to relook life, to redesign, rewrite what your purpose, what you truly stand for, and where you are headed to.


Magic happens with heart and action. Zai learnt this through trial and error and has discovered that service to mankind is the way to go. That was the same moment she bore the idea to create a ‘Heart N Action’ Foundation, starting with mini-projects, with the intention to empower, educate & enrich one and all.

In 2007, Zai spotted a demand for fashionable hijab (veil) for Muslim women and formed ‘Miztiq Hijab BoutiQue’ through Facebook marketing which later included men and children apparel so she re-branded it ‘Miztiq Shoppe’.

In 2012 she had a calling to pursue her Arabic studies and travelled for 2 years, and upon her return, she crafted a ‘read.write.speak’ Arabic program, which she taught at Singapore Management University.

In 2014, she discovered many insightful business and self-discovery lessons coupled with the aid of government support to assist budding entrepreneurs, and for present small-medium enterprise to grow their businesses. She decided to put together the lessons acquired and with her 14-years of entrepreneurial journey within and outside of the nation to share with the strong-hearted what they can achieve through her experiences. They can safely avoid the hard-knocks and swiftly and strategically pursue their passion and turn them to profit almost immediately with little or no money.

I am a woman in the process. I am just trying to be like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience and learn from it. Life is never dull. – Oprah Winfrey

With the same alignment, the objective of the first book, ‘Turn Your Passion to Profits’ is to spread the message of love, peace and freedom. We acknowledge the fact that woman should understand their roles and responsibilities drawn upon them. And we focus that woman do not have to do what they are forced or succumbed to. They have the choice to abide to it with faith and love.

Despite having been through an almost fatal accident that could have lead me to paralysis, life rolls on. Having picked the self-up and now having established several businesses, I am set to empower, educate and enrich woman and girls from all walks of life.


Life is beautiful

“Life is too beautiful for you to depend on anyone to make you happy!

Choice is yours. Life is short. Live it to the fullest!”

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